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Award Winning Portable Neck Fan

Award Winning Portable Neck Fan

Award Winning Portable Neck Fan

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*The 60 piece Twin-turbine fan blades multiplied wind power and 48 wind outlets provide a 360° cooling experience. The unique design has amazing power and will make cool you down almost instantly.

*Say goodbye to the clunky traditional neck fan, because our Award Winning Potable Neck Fans design makes the fan lighter and more fashionable closely mimicking the appearance of headphones around your neck. 

*Since this device produces wind from its interior, You will never have to worry about your hair getting stuck in its blades unlike a traditional neck fan. You are safer and more free making our neck fan perfect for running, camping, hiking, climbing,or traveling on long trips.

*Our Award Winning Potable Neck Fan is chargeable via USB, which makes it extremely convenient to charge. it has a Built-in 1800 mAh lithium battery which will give you up to 7 hrs of use per charge.

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